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Friday is officially my new favorite day, it use to be Thursdays because of Grey’s Anatomy, but who watches that anymore, haa, I digress. Ok, last week I have you Ru, this week its all about William…again. I can’t get enough of her; she’s funny, crude and successful. A win, win, win.

So this week I bring you, Rupaulogize featuring Sharon Needles, (Drag Race’s Season 4 Winner) who is portraying RuPaul in the video. Not to overshadow William’s hysterical lyrics but Sharon’s makeup, outfit, and mannerisms are on point. I was pretty shocked that she pulled it off, I mean Ru is one of a kind and shit ain’t easy.

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So the concept of the video is pretty funny, we all know what happened to William during season 4 of Drag Race: Disqualified, the first and still only queen to be. So when season 4 wrapped up production, an All-Stars version of the show was quickily being put together to air in the fall of 2012. According to William, that gurl don’t lie (haa), she was already selected to be on the show. But when production started, she was informed that she was no longer needed for the series.


I believe that the whole All-Stars season was rigged for Chad Michaels to win, but that’s a whole other story. So what did William do, get bitter cutt off all afflitations with the show? Nope, she wrote a song about it, using her infamous sound bite from the season 4 reunion show: RuPaulogize. A girl gotta make some money some how, right? I have this song on repeat in the car, room, and shower. My boyfriend hates it and I don’t care, I mean, I aint gonna RuPaulogize for it, haa.

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Gentlemen Start Your Engines…

…And May the Best Woman Win!
Ru. Paul’s. Drag. Race.

Yeah, your life just got a little gayer and a whole lot better. Season five just started at the end of January and we are already a couple queens down. [To catch up on all the T in every episode click here]

Ok, let’s blow through the description part so we can get to the good stuff: talking about the queens we love, hate, and kinda wanna sleep with, haa. Ok, so Rupaul’s Drag Race is an under-the-radar competition reality show. Think America’s Next Top Model accidentally got a little two drunk and slept with Project Runway and nine months later BAM: Drag Race. Roughly about 14 to 15 drag queens from around America are hand picked my mother Ru herself and are shipped out to Beverly Hills, California to duke it out to be America’s Next Drag Super Star. We have already had 4 winners from past seasons (Season 1: BeBe Zahara Benet; Season 2: Tyra Sanchez; Season 3: Raja; and Season 4: Sharon Needles).

Some of the winners were great: Raja and Sharon and some we’d just like to forget ever happened: BeBe and Tyra, can I get an amen? Alrighty, back to season 5, each week the queens are put through one mini challenge and a main challenge. The challenges range from being witty and on your toes by being able to read someone to filth on spot, having decent acting skills when portraying a celebrity my the infamous snatch game challenge (a spin on the classic Match Game), and being fashion forward by turning it out on the runway and from time to time constructing an entire outfit from scratch. Ru always reminds the girls every episode that the winner has to have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent which basically translates to, well you can figure it out hun-tee. At the end of every episode there are the top three queens and the bottom 3 queens. One of the top three queens will be announced the winner of the challenge while two of the bottom queens will be pinned up against each other while they will have to lip-sync for. Their. LIFE…[life, life, life,].

(Season 4, Episode 1) Spoiler Alert the big gurl, TURNS. IT. OUT! Sidebar: How Sickening is Rupaul, period. Everything about the bitch is FLAWLESS.

Each week one of the queens get sent home until theirs only one. They are all competing for a lifetime supply of MAC makeup, a cruise sponsored by Al and Chuck’s Travel, get to tour across America during gay pride (sponsored by Absoult Vodka) and a cash prize of 100,000 dollars (depending on what season).

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the season 5 contestants, mainly about the ones I love, hate, and the boring ones are already sent home so we can skip over those bitches.

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