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Friday is officially my new favorite day, it use to be Thursdays because of Grey’s Anatomy, but who watches that anymore, haa, I digress. Ok, last week I have you Ru, this week its all about William…again. I can’t get enough of her; she’s funny, crude and successful. A win, win, win.

So this week I bring you, Rupaulogize featuring Sharon Needles, (Drag Race’s Season 4 Winner) who is portraying RuPaul in the video. Not to overshadow William’s hysterical lyrics but Sharon’s makeup, outfit, and mannerisms are on point. I was pretty shocked that she pulled it off, I mean Ru is one of a kind and shit ain’t easy.

tumblr_mlk7wbZYK81r5pycvo4_250 tumblr_mlk7wbZYK81r5pycvo1_250

So the concept of the video is pretty funny, we all know what happened to William during season 4 of Drag Race: Disqualified, the first and still only queen to be. So when season 4 wrapped up production, an All-Stars version of the show was quickily being put together to air in the fall of 2012. According to William, that gurl don’t lie (haa), she was already selected to be on the show. But when production started, she was informed that she was no longer needed for the series.


I believe that the whole All-Stars season was rigged for Chad Michaels to win, but that’s a whole other story. So what did William do, get bitter cutt off all afflitations with the show? Nope, she wrote a song about it, using her infamous sound bite from the season 4 reunion show: RuPaulogize. A girl gotta make some money some how, right? I have this song on repeat in the car, room, and shower. My boyfriend hates it and I don’t care, I mean, I aint gonna RuPaulogize for it, haa.

More info on Wiliam
Official Website

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We are family here

I know I’m not the only queen out there with a blog about Rupaul’s Drag Race. There are tons out there to choose from and I just wanna take the time to thank everyone and anyone for giving my blog the time of day.

But on a serious note, I’d like to point out a quote from Rupaul that really touched me, “We as gay people, we get to choose our family. We get to choose the people that we’re around. I am your family. We are family here. I love you.”


I know I joke a lot on this blog and don’t tend to be serious 100% of the time. But damn, Ru is right. It may be 2013, but sometimes the way some of the gay community is still being treated is disgusting. Fortunately for me, I have lived a very prosperous life, with accepting peers, teachers, and one hell of a family. Everyone has helped me grow into the strong, confident person I am today and it severely hurts me that some people aren’t given that. They aren’t given acceptance and most importantly love. I am not sure how, what, or even where I would be in life without any of that. So thank you readers, supporters, friends, family and everyone in between. Seriously, thank you.

With that being said, I feel the need to help some of my sisters out by giving them a shout out. Hopefully you’ll check out a couple of their sites and blogs and see what they’re bitching about. Haa.



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The Tale of Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese

If you’ve been keeping up with Season Five of Rupaul’s Drag Race, then you are probably annoyed that I’m even doing a post about these two queens. But with all the camera time these two hoes got, how couldn’t I?



From episode one these girls were at each other’s necks. Check out their reactions when they realized that they would be competing against each other. DRAMA BOMB! (Special thanks to worldofwonder.net and logotv.com for the video.)

The rivalry between the two seemed a little bit artificial and became stale very quickly. I was bored with the two before episode two even aired. But as time went on so did the feud. It seemed like the producers were scrambling for something to put on the air and unfortunately for us, this was the best they could do. Their fights were sporadic and way too intense to be believable. Also, their fights were affecting some of the other girls and their performances. Granted it is a competition and everyone should be focusing on themselves but these two were out of hand. Don’t get me wrong, I love drama and a good screaming match here and there, but this nonsense had to stop. Luckily in tonight’s episode one of the girls finally sashayed away, but was it the right one? (We’ll get into that in a bit)

For all you bad queens that have no idea what I’m talking about, one, shame on you and two, here’s a Rucap.

My Interpretation:
Alyssa and Coco are both pageant queens and competed against each other in numerous pageants. Even though they were competitors, they formed a friendship that eventually turned into a shit show. Alyssa and Coco were both in the running for 2010’s Miss Gay America. Aylssa was crowned the winner but didn’t live up to her contractual duties so the runner up, Coco, had to take over and Alyssa was stripped of her title, oh snap! Alyssa’s mad and feels betrayed, while Coco feels that the public thinks she stole the title from Alyssa. Lame right? With moments like these, I feel like some people never leave high school.

Entertainment Weekly’s

With all that said, when the bottom two was revealed in tonight’s episode, it left everyone gagging; mainly in relief that one of these bitches was finally going home and we’d finally find out who was the better queen. It was both their third time in bottom and one of them wasn’t gonna make it. Check out the fierce lip-sync for yourself:Here.

tumblr_mmicmlfd1c1qgb5p1o2_250 tumblr_mmicmlfd1c1qgb5p1o1_250

Who did you think deserved to go home?

Personally, I’m not a fan of Coco, I find her very manipulative, close-minded, and just a bitch and not in the good way. But unfortunately, Ru saw something more in Coco than Alyssa and sent Alyssa packing. It’s a sad day in the drag world, granted Alyssa wasn’t going to win, but she still was an amazing queen. She always tried her hardest and fell short a couple of times, but she never gave up. Plus she gave us some of the best sound bites from the show. I’m gonna miss that bitch.


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Shhh, She’s about to sing

Another Friday, another video. It seems like forever since I posted something about Ru, the mother of drag, well in my eyes anyways. Ru has been a staple in the music industry for 20 years now, her debut CD, Super Model of the World, was released on June 8, 1993. It spawned three hit singles, “Supermodel (You Better Work),” “Back to My Roots,” and “Shade Shady (Now Prance).” Since then, Ru has released four full-length albums and is vigorously working on her sixth, which is set to be released sometime late 2013/early 2014.


With all this talk about Ru’s music I bet you’re dying to know what song I’ve chosen for today. Well the ghetto pop romp that I’ve chosen is Ru’s ‘Tranny Chaser.’ I personally love this song, then again I’m pretty sure there isn’t a song by Ru that I hate. I particularly love this song because of the message it sends out the straight guys in America:

“Just because you want me… that don’t make you gay
Every time you watch me… that don’t make you gay
Do you wanna be me… that don’t make you gay
Or do you wanna f(honk) me… that don’t make you gay”

In the video Ru is this provocative drag queen on the prowl for a man, gay, straight, she don’t care. The music video is just letting the straight guys that are attracted to Ru, that’s ok. She’s tall, dark, and beautiful, who wouldn’t be attracted to her? Give it a couple of spins and you’ll have the chorus stuck in your head. Enjoy Bitches.

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Testing? 1. 2. 3.


It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Haa, just kidding, eff that bitch Rebecca Black, too harsh? O-ver it.

Ahh, some more music from my favorite queens! I was debating about what song to choose for this week, it was a toss up between a classic form the Ru vault or something from one of her gurrrrls. I haven’t really made up my mind yet. Eh, let’s go with one of Ru’s off springs, cause let’s face it, that media whore Ru has enough press already. All T, All shade gurrl.

This ORIGIONAL song is preformed by Manila Luzon, season 3’s runner-up, its a fun, danc-y, classic pop song.

It has a catchy hook and chorus that gets stuck in your head whenever you least expect it. I tend to find myself every now and then humming it in my car or walking to class just repeating the chorus over and over again, “Hot Couture Ah-oh-oh-oh-oh-or-or-or/Serving Hot Couture.”

Sidebar: Manila was robbed in season 3, trust me you don’t want me to started on how Raja stole the crown from my fellow Asian sista. Raja, pictured below, is a fierce queen, don’t get me wrong, she deserved to be in the top 3, but to take the whole crown that’s a whole other story. Yes she’s fierce and knows how to stomp it out on the runway but. I want more for the future of drag, the look is an important thing of being a drag queen but it isn’t the only factor. You need to have wit, charm, a semi-functioning heart, and the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. I believe, know, and will preach it, that Manila out qualifies Raja in over half of these requirements. Have Ru and Raja been friends prior to the show for ten plus years? Yes. Do I think that season 3 was rigged? Yes. I don’t place the dots, hun-tee; I just see and connect them, oh snap.


Well sorry for that rant, any who, I hope you guys enjoy the song, it isn’t as funny as the other two I posted but I feel that this is a more realistic single for someone who’s trying to make it in the pop music industry. Not saying that you don’t Ru, don’t get it twisted

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Gentlemen Start Your Engines…

…And May the Best Woman Win!
Ru. Paul’s. Drag. Race.

Yeah, your life just got a little gayer and a whole lot better. Season five just started at the end of January and we are already a couple queens down. [To catch up on all the T in every episode click here]

Ok, let’s blow through the description part so we can get to the good stuff: talking about the queens we love, hate, and kinda wanna sleep with, haa. Ok, so Rupaul’s Drag Race is an under-the-radar competition reality show. Think America’s Next Top Model accidentally got a little two drunk and slept with Project Runway and nine months later BAM: Drag Race. Roughly about 14 to 15 drag queens from around America are hand picked my mother Ru herself and are shipped out to Beverly Hills, California to duke it out to be America’s Next Drag Super Star. We have already had 4 winners from past seasons (Season 1: BeBe Zahara Benet; Season 2: Tyra Sanchez; Season 3: Raja; and Season 4: Sharon Needles).

Some of the winners were great: Raja and Sharon and some we’d just like to forget ever happened: BeBe and Tyra, can I get an amen? Alrighty, back to season 5, each week the queens are put through one mini challenge and a main challenge. The challenges range from being witty and on your toes by being able to read someone to filth on spot, having decent acting skills when portraying a celebrity my the infamous snatch game challenge (a spin on the classic Match Game), and being fashion forward by turning it out on the runway and from time to time constructing an entire outfit from scratch. Ru always reminds the girls every episode that the winner has to have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent which basically translates to, well you can figure it out hun-tee. At the end of every episode there are the top three queens and the bottom 3 queens. One of the top three queens will be announced the winner of the challenge while two of the bottom queens will be pinned up against each other while they will have to lip-sync for. Their. LIFE…[life, life, life,].

(Season 4, Episode 1) Spoiler Alert the big gurl, TURNS. IT. OUT! Sidebar: How Sickening is Rupaul, period. Everything about the bitch is FLAWLESS.

Each week one of the queens get sent home until theirs only one. They are all competing for a lifetime supply of MAC makeup, a cruise sponsored by Al and Chuck’s Travel, get to tour across America during gay pride (sponsored by Absoult Vodka) and a cash prize of 100,000 dollars (depending on what season).

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the season 5 contestants, mainly about the ones I love, hate, and the boring ones are already sent home so we can skip over those bitches.

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Mic Check, Hello?

We all know that drag queens are notoriously known for lip-syncing and turning it out on the dance floor. But did you know that some of the queens write and produce their own music? Snapppp. Whether it is a raunchy romp or a spoof of a popular song, it is gonna be sickening. Every now and then I will be blessing my blog readers with a song, preformed by a drag queen, that I find to be on trend. This week’s song is brought to us by our wonderful drag mother to all the drag children out there: Rupaul (oh yeah, and featuring Big Freedia too).

A couple of things before watching the video, there is a lot of junk shaking, raunchy lyrics, and a whole lost of sass. So basically it’s a gay man’s wet dream, enjoy!

Must be jelly cause jam don’t shake. Living for this song.

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Hello, Hun-Tee


Can’t get enough of your favorite queens? Well you better dust off those library cards because bitches are gonna be read. So make sure those tucks are extra tight and your game is sickening. From the classic queens like Lady Bunny and RuPaul to the newbies on RuPaul’s Drag Race, this is your one stop shop for everything draggg. Get ready for some wig-tossing, back-stabbing, lip-syncing, fish-serving extravaganza. All T, All Shade 24/7. #YouBettaWerkk

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