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Comedy Queens

10. Latrice Royale

Any fan of Drag Race loves Latrice. Her big boisterous laugh and her charm will turn any doubter to a fan. Whenever she is on camera, a smile is permanently planted on my face. She’s doesn’t play games which I respect and she can also turn a bitch out and read you to filth if she has to.

9. Alyssa Edwards

Alyssa is one of those queens that doesn’t try to be funny.  No matter what she does I’m laughing, I’m not sure if its with her or at her yet, but I’ll let you know when I’m not rolling on the floor over her mannerisms and her one-liners.

8. Tammie Brown

This bitch is crazy and I love it. I’m not sure if she’s all there but I’m tuning in and watching. Literally everything that comes out of her mouth is pure gold. Watch the video and then hit repeat, cause I can’t make this shit up, haa.

7. Pandora Boxx

Pandora was one of the first camp queens to take part of Drag Race. Pandora is naturally funny, with her stand up, Carol Channing impressions, and parody music videos. It was no surprise that Pandora made the number 7 spot.

6. Detox

Detox, a friend of William’s, is a natural comedy queen. Her remarks can sometimes come off as harsh, but it’s all done in fun. Everyone needs to learn to not take themselves so seriously and Detox can definitely the queen to help you poke fun at yourself.

5. Manlia Luzon

Manila is one of those physical comedy queens; she is always crossing her eyes, making a funny face, or throwing her limbs all over the place. She does go that extra mile to make sure you laugh, however, sometimes it does go a little bit too far. But her wit and sharp commentary, it more than makes up for it.

4. Alaska

Coming in at the number 5 spot is Alaska, I’ve already expressed in my earlier blogs the love I have for this queen. She is a little of a mess, but one hell of a funny queen. She knows how to stand right up against the line but never cross it. A technique I need to learn pretty soon, haa.

3. Jujubee

Juju may have the one of the best one-liners ever in drag race history, “Tyra was your barbeque canceled? Because your grill is fucked up,” Haa. Juju is very catty, but never a bitch. I’m not sure how she’s mastered that technique yet, but she’s gotta let me know. You never find yourself getting mad at her, because you know she isn’t ever being spiteful or rude. Your always on her side laughing.

2. Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx is one of the few queens that can actually act. Her performances are always spectacular and she has the best facial expressions. She acts with her whole body and puts thought into all of her work. She is always prepared and just naturally a comical queen.

1. Willam

There is no surprise that Willam is on the top of the list here, I mean did you read my other posts? I love Willam because she’s dirty, has no boundaries and is a huge camera whore. I feel that Willam is a combination of all the hot mess starlets put together, looking at you Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. But at least you know with Willam that she does it for the shock factor and publicity, being a huge pop culture junkie/addict myself, I find that Willam is the perfect drug.

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Testing? 1. 2. 3.


It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Haa, just kidding, eff that bitch Rebecca Black, too harsh? O-ver it.

Ahh, some more music from my favorite queens! I was debating about what song to choose for this week, it was a toss up between a classic form the Ru vault or something from one of her gurrrrls. I haven’t really made up my mind yet. Eh, let’s go with one of Ru’s off springs, cause let’s face it, that media whore Ru has enough press already. All T, All shade gurrl.

This ORIGIONAL song is preformed by Manila Luzon, season 3’s runner-up, its a fun, danc-y, classic pop song.

It has a catchy hook and chorus that gets stuck in your head whenever you least expect it. I tend to find myself every now and then humming it in my car or walking to class just repeating the chorus over and over again, “Hot Couture Ah-oh-oh-oh-oh-or-or-or/Serving Hot Couture.”

Sidebar: Manila was robbed in season 3, trust me you don’t want me to started on how Raja stole the crown from my fellow Asian sista. Raja, pictured below, is a fierce queen, don’t get me wrong, she deserved to be in the top 3, but to take the whole crown that’s a whole other story. Yes she’s fierce and knows how to stomp it out on the runway but. I want more for the future of drag, the look is an important thing of being a drag queen but it isn’t the only factor. You need to have wit, charm, a semi-functioning heart, and the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. I believe, know, and will preach it, that Manila out qualifies Raja in over half of these requirements. Have Ru and Raja been friends prior to the show for ten plus years? Yes. Do I think that season 3 was rigged? Yes. I don’t place the dots, hun-tee; I just see and connect them, oh snap.


Well sorry for that rant, any who, I hope you guys enjoy the song, it isn’t as funny as the other two I posted but I feel that this is a more realistic single for someone who’s trying to make it in the pop music industry. Not saying that you don’t Ru, don’t get it twisted

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