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Friday is officially my new favorite day, it use to be Thursdays because of Grey’s Anatomy, but who watches that anymore, haa, I digress. Ok, last week I have you Ru, this week its all about William…again. I can’t get enough of her; she’s funny, crude and successful. A win, win, win.

So this week I bring you, Rupaulogize featuring Sharon Needles, (Drag Race’s Season 4 Winner) who is portraying RuPaul in the video. Not to overshadow William’s hysterical lyrics but Sharon’s makeup, outfit, and mannerisms are on point. I was pretty shocked that she pulled it off, I mean Ru is one of a kind and shit ain’t easy.

tumblr_mlk7wbZYK81r5pycvo4_250 tumblr_mlk7wbZYK81r5pycvo1_250

So the concept of the video is pretty funny, we all know what happened to William during season 4 of Drag Race: Disqualified, the first and still only queen to be. So when season 4 wrapped up production, an All-Stars version of the show was quickily being put together to air in the fall of 2012. According to William, that gurl don’t lie (haa), she was already selected to be on the show. But when production started, she was informed that she was no longer needed for the series.


I believe that the whole All-Stars season was rigged for Chad Michaels to win, but that’s a whole other story. So what did William do, get bitter cutt off all afflitations with the show? Nope, she wrote a song about it, using her infamous sound bite from the season 4 reunion show: RuPaulogize. A girl gotta make some money some how, right? I have this song on repeat in the car, room, and shower. My boyfriend hates it and I don’t care, I mean, I aint gonna RuPaulogize for it, haa.

More info on Wiliam
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The Tale of Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese

If you’ve been keeping up with Season Five of Rupaul’s Drag Race, then you are probably annoyed that I’m even doing a post about these two queens. But with all the camera time these two hoes got, how couldn’t I?



From episode one these girls were at each other’s necks. Check out their reactions when they realized that they would be competing against each other. DRAMA BOMB! (Special thanks to and for the video.)

The rivalry between the two seemed a little bit artificial and became stale very quickly. I was bored with the two before episode two even aired. But as time went on so did the feud. It seemed like the producers were scrambling for something to put on the air and unfortunately for us, this was the best they could do. Their fights were sporadic and way too intense to be believable. Also, their fights were affecting some of the other girls and their performances. Granted it is a competition and everyone should be focusing on themselves but these two were out of hand. Don’t get me wrong, I love drama and a good screaming match here and there, but this nonsense had to stop. Luckily in tonight’s episode one of the girls finally sashayed away, but was it the right one? (We’ll get into that in a bit)

For all you bad queens that have no idea what I’m talking about, one, shame on you and two, here’s a Rucap.

My Interpretation:
Alyssa and Coco are both pageant queens and competed against each other in numerous pageants. Even though they were competitors, they formed a friendship that eventually turned into a shit show. Alyssa and Coco were both in the running for 2010’s Miss Gay America. Aylssa was crowned the winner but didn’t live up to her contractual duties so the runner up, Coco, had to take over and Alyssa was stripped of her title, oh snap! Alyssa’s mad and feels betrayed, while Coco feels that the public thinks she stole the title from Alyssa. Lame right? With moments like these, I feel like some people never leave high school.

Entertainment Weekly’s

With all that said, when the bottom two was revealed in tonight’s episode, it left everyone gagging; mainly in relief that one of these bitches was finally going home and we’d finally find out who was the better queen. It was both their third time in bottom and one of them wasn’t gonna make it. Check out the fierce lip-sync for yourself:Here.

tumblr_mmicmlfd1c1qgb5p1o2_250 tumblr_mmicmlfd1c1qgb5p1o1_250

Who did you think deserved to go home?

Personally, I’m not a fan of Coco, I find her very manipulative, close-minded, and just a bitch and not in the good way. But unfortunately, Ru saw something more in Coco than Alyssa and sent Alyssa packing. It’s a sad day in the drag world, granted Alyssa wasn’t going to win, but she still was an amazing queen. She always tried her hardest and fell short a couple of times, but she never gave up. Plus she gave us some of the best sound bites from the show. I’m gonna miss that bitch.


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Now that you know what happened, can we talk about that lip sync between Roxxxy and Alyssa? SICKENING HUN-TEE! When Roxxy took of her wig and revealed…her other wig, I died. I was gagging every second of the performance. But that didn’t stop Alyssa from doing her own thang too. Dropping to the floor and swiffering the stage with her tuck, haaa. I dare you to disagree, I mean check it out for yourself biiiitch.
And the icing on the cake were Ru and Michelle’s reactions.

They. were. priceless. Can I get an Amen?



Once again Ru Steals the show.

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Reading is what? Fundamental.

Within every community there is a secret language between its peers. The gay community isn’t any different; I mean without it how would we ever keep the straights from being all up in our business, right? Haa. But before I go gay-ghetto-ing up in the joint, I thought it would be nice to break down some of the gay slang so it would be easier for the straight folks to follow. Don’t worry I’m not breaking any gay laws by letting you guys in the know, plus I only have one strike on my gay record anyways. Soooo, it’s all good gurrl, haa. Alright where to start? Hmm, I guess with some phrases or words that I use in my everyday life. Some of the words are a little funny and out there, but that’s what I love about them. Everything is so blunt, canny, however, playful and fun at the same time, kinda like when you see a mom yelling at her kids in Costco and all you can do is watch and smile. You know you shouldn’t but this is one train wreck you can’t miss. Snap. So back to those words:

Fish – (n.): to look like a woman, not like a man dressed like a woman.
Home girl last night was serving some fierce fish, hun-tee.

Heather – (n.): a conventionally pretty drag queen and member of the “popular” clique (e.i. the movie Heathers)
Heather, can I borrow that wig?” “Of course, Heather.” “Thanks Heather.”

Read – (v.): the art of insulting, as popularized by the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning
“Let me read you honey, because you have a make-up line down your neck” –Tammie Brown

Realness – (adj.) Something authentic and raw; down to the core/spot on
I was serving some Cinderella realness, glass slipper and all.

Sickening – (adj.): incredibly amazing; excessively hot
That dress is sickening, I love all the beading and tool.

Sprepper – (n.): combination of Sprite and Dr. Pepper, which isn’t necessarily a good thing
Don’t be a sprepper, be a Heather.

T – (n.): the truth
What’s the T?

Work/Werrk [depending how thick you gay-accent is]– (v.): what “you betta” do, to give your all
You betta werrk and leave everything on that stage gurl, if you wanna win.

I hope you learned a thing or two, cause all i’m doing is trying to share the T. I wanna give a special thanks to The Daily Beast, for providing some of the definitions and I wanna give a shout out to Word of the Gay, a sickening blog out there, stumbled upon it while writing this and found a few words/phrases that even I wasn’t aware of, shocking I know. Peace out, cub scout

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