RuCap: Episode 8: Scent of a Drag Queen

I’m back, YAYYY! Ok, get over it and let’s get down to business: Episode 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. With Last week non-elimination, we are still with the top 7 girls. Roxxxy Andrews and Alisa Edwards were given another chance to prove themselves after failing to impress during the RuPaul Roast. This episode was entitled ‘Scent of a Drag Queen’ where in the main challenge the girls had to write, produce, and direct their own fragrance commercial for perfumes that they made. But before all that fun and some hot messes, sorry Ivy Winters, RuPaul had a jaw dropping mini-challenge memory game, probably one of Ru’s best ideas ever. The game was called “Whatcha Packin” Where the girls had to match up pairs of underwear worn by some fine ass guys, I could go on and on about how delicious and ‘Emmy Worthy’ this mini-challenge was but I think I’m gonna let my home gurrrl, BigGalReviews off of youtube, talk about it and its wonderfulness: (Fast-forward to 4:45, to get to the juicy details)

Here’s a little sneak peak of what we’ve been going gaga over, curiosity of and Whatcha Packin

Now gurrls, pick up those jaws off of the ground and focus. I’m not sure if I’d wanna win this mini challenge, if I were in those gurrl’s shoes, I’d keep on getting it wrong and watch the boys drop trou, over and over and over and over again, until I was satisfied, haaa. Those gurls have been locked up for each other for eight weeks and I know that they’ve been buggin’ for some men, or let’s just face it, a nice fuck, haa.

After all that hotness was through, I know I was thirsty for a big tall glass of…water, with a side of cock of course. Haa. With this main challenge, some of the girls hit this challenge out of the water: Alask, Jinkx, and Detox. While some of the pageant girls struggled (no surprise here) Alyssa and Coco. Here’s the best commercial of the night and the challenge winner Alsaka:

I feel that some of these girls take some of the challenges too seriously, for one you’re a man in a dress, ham it up, have some fun. Alaska might of known 100% what she was doing but boy did the bitch deliver.

But there was one queen that seemed to have more trouble than others, Ivy Winters. Ivy is a great and beautiful queen but when it comes to her personality she seems to fall flat. I don’t know if she is a bitchy queen, a fashionista, or something in between. Ivy is just a nice girl who’s time on the show was unfortunately up. She didn’t bring any added drama nor did she want to. Ivy was a pretty zen queen and she was nice, unfortunately nobody has time for that shit. We were halfway through the competition and dull queens just have to go. Nobody wants to see all the girls get a long and help each other until Ru crowns one of them as the winner. We wanna see shade being thrown, girls getting called out, and please, oh gay Gods please, a girl get hit in the face with a glass full of vodka. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to see the ‘orange orangutan’ CoCo go home but the producers aren’t idiots they are gonna milk out the drama between her and Alyssa out until they have to lip-sync against each other. So unfortunately for the very pretty and nice Ivy Winters to Sashay away. The one thing that I’m gonna miss about Ivy is the way that Ru says her name in every episode, it was one of the highlights of the season. Gotta love that bitch Ru, “Ivvyyyyyy Wiiiinterrrrrsssss”

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